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Growing tech businesses often face a number of issues with contracts and licenses when it comes to software law. While there is no shortage of commercial solicitors to approach, you may wonder if they really understand the complexities of your business.

At Berwins Digital, we have a solid understanding of technology, the stack and the way digital companies tick thanks to decades of advising tech businesses. This equips us to really support our clients through a range of solutions from creating and negotiating licensing structures to advising on contractual risks.

Some tech companies run into the challenge of reaching agreed terms with their customers or managing mutual expectations. Often these businesses need some help when it comes to setting the right expectations from the start. Our passion for software law combined with our years of expertise means we can guide you and your customers to finding a balanced agreement. Whether it’s drafting complex development contracts, advising on open source law, or helping apply the correct licenses, we work closely with our clients to meet their specific needs. 

Tech companies tend to spend their time creating great solutions but are unsure of how to protect their intellectual property. We can help you develop and maintain value in your business by recognising and protecting your IP and making sure that, even when integrated into other systems, you retain your valuable rights to your source code. Once your IP is safe, you can confidently secure revenue and build strong relationships with your customers without worrying about the integrity of your product being compromised. 

If your company is going through changes that require digital legal support, or if you've just created something brilliant that you want to protect, contact us on 0113 426 6396.
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Paul Berwin

Head of Digital

Paul is a highly regarded solicitor with decades of experience in legal practice, both in commercial contracts and corporate matters, with a particular specialism in advising technology-sector businesses.

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Sam Crich

Senior Associate

Sam is a rising star with a passion for technology and the law, whose clients derive great value from his timely and commercial advice.

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