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App development is an innovative and exciting step which can also be a long, complex process. With the creative and technical input you have to offer, we don't think you should spend time and energy worrying about the EULA and privacy policy that various app-stores require before you can launch your app. Let us take care of that aspect instead so that you can focus your talents on creating a ground-breaking app.

At Berwins Digital, we understand the importance of a clean UI and smooth UX and recognise that too many contracts and policies can interrupt the user journey. Of course, you don't want users to be turned off before they've had a chance to discover what your app can do for them! We know that consulting an app development lawyer who also specialises in GDPR compliance for apps, consent and privacy policies is just as important.

By investing in the correct legal processes for your app, you also protect the hard work you've put into developing it. We can help make sure your app is operating within the confines of the law by finding the right solutions for you to ensure that your app isn't held back from reaching its potential.

Whether you're working with consumers, e-commerce or bespoke apps, involving us in the early stages of your development process means we can help you build in privacy by design. Setting up development objectives correctly is crucial if you want to avoid extra costs down the line. Tech companies who don’t get this right can often find their consents don't appear in the right places or that their "just-in-time" notices are, in fact, out-of-time, which can be expensive (and preventable) mistakes to rectify.

We love watching apps unfold and change the way we interact with one another. From gift aid to dating tools to mental health resources, we are passionate about being a part of apps which have the potential to change and reshape our future.

If you fancy finding out if we know where our apps end and our API begins, or you'd like to talk about an actual app and other legal things, give us a call on 0113 426 6396.
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Paul Berwin

Head of Digital

Paul is a highly regarded solicitor with decades of experience in legal practice, both in commercial contracts and corporate matters, with a particular specialism in advising technology-sector businesses.

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Sam Crich

Senior Associate

Sam is a rising star with a passion for technology and the law, whose clients derive great value from his timely and commercial advice.

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