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The perils of failing to assign a domain name

No one really wants the responsibility of registering domain names for clients, not least because of the risk of domain sniping/ransom, but who would have thought you could ever even possibly end up in prison?

A court has made a finding of “civil contempt of court” against an individual who had intentionally, and in breach of a court order, failed to sign two documents to transfer a domain name to the claimants in passing off proceedings. He was sentenced to two months' imprisonment!

The court order had been explained to him carefully, but he had indulged in deliberately obstructive behaviour by signing and returning the wrong documents. A genuinely remorseful response would have been to comply immediately, but he did not comply until he was effectively forced to at a committal hearing some weeks after being warned that he was in contempt. He had apologised during the hearing, but given the late stage and the circumstances, that did not count for much.

If you get any kind of order from a Judge and you are thinking about not complying with it, we would strongly recommend speaking with Andrew or Natasha in our dispute resolution team well before the date you are required to comply.

Speaking of Domains...

The three year reservation period for (and other UK top level domains) ended on 25th June 2019. If you haven’t yet picked up the .uk top level domain for your site, we recommend you do so quickly to avoid getting sniped (if it hasn’t already been taken!).

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