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Digital in Leeds - what a story...

23rd April 2019 didn’t just mark the launch of Berwins Digital’s dedicated website; though of course that’s something we’re pretty proud of, and big thanks to Calls9 for their great work on the site and the branding. 

It’s also the start of the two weeks of wonderfulness this is the Leeds Digital Festival

The rebirth of a digital phenomenon 

There was a Leeds Digital Festival which died a death in 2014 – it depended on busy volunteers, and busy volunteers got busy; and so it died.   

Berwins Digital had opened its office in Leeds in late 2013; we looked around, expecting to see Leeds Digital Festival – but there were five events – ours was one of them. 

But in late 2015, with the encouragement and a bit of seed funding from Leeds City Council, a few of us met in the Cross Keys and planned a revival; and what a story it’s been.  We engaged Stuart Clarke as Festival Director, and the steering group decided having a solicitor (me, Paul Berwin) and an accountant (Simon Palmer) as the other directors would be a solid plan.  Together, supportively and both embracing and reinforcing the spirit of collaboration with which Leeds City Region has become identified, the Festival comprised 50 events in April 2016; 115 in 2017; over two weeks, 170 in 2018; and this year, around 225 events of extraordinary quality and diversity. 

We have attracted great sponsors, at different levels, and this year has seen Leeds University showcasing their new venue Nexus.   Everyone wants to be a part of LDF.  We’re seeing more venues come on stream, with those with meeting and event spaces contributing those, and so many stories to tell and be heard. 

We’re inordinately proud not just to be part of the burgeoning digital scene in Leeds, but to be part of and have been in at the beginning of the current Leeds Digital Festival.

Our own events show some of the breadth of what we do at Berwins Digital:

It’s only the fourth Leeds Digital Festival, and we’re already looking to the future – how to build even further on its staggering success. 

Not just in our activities, but with our base at Platform, we are proud to be at the heart of Digital Leeds.

Paul Berwin is Head of Digital Law at Berwins Digital. He offers targeted advice to a global client base of digital and tech businesses. Industry ranked and with decades of experience, he is one of the foremost authorities on digital law in the North of England.  

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