Digitally Thinking


04 - 10 - 2022

What is the New Scale-up Visa?

Berwins' Head of Employment, Mike Patterson, offers a guide on the new "Scale-up Visa", from what one is to who might be eligible for it.

Tech Community

21 - 06 - 2022

​What’s great about Sheffield in Tech?

Paul Berwin recounts his latest foray into the Sheffield tech scene.

Data Protection and Privacy

20 - 05 - 2022

​Data Protection risk in 2020, a business case for complianc

Associate Solicitor, Sam Crich, gives a comprehensive guide on how businesses can use transparency, integrity and options to empower consumers and yield more and better data from them.

Commercial Contracts

19 - 05 - 2022

​Mercury – small planet, giant headache for lawyers everywhe

Senior Associate, Oliver King, explains the document-signing process for signatories in order for completion to be agreed.


11 - 05 - 2022

No Good Deed Goes Unwitnessed

Berwins' Senior Associate and Commercial Lawyer, Oliver King, explains the role e-sign software can and can't play in the signing of deeds and contracts.

Data Protection and Privacy

10 - 05 - 2022

​COVID-19 and Data Protection Obligations – New ICO Guidance

Head of Employment, Mike Patterson, explains the new ICO guidance surrounding Covid-19 and data protection obligations.

Data Protection and Privacy

20 - 04 - 2022

Monitoring staff – What employers need to know!

Commercial Solicitors, Mike Patterson and Elle Margerison, advise on how employers can monitor their staff's working activity when those staff are working remotely. GDPR can be an issue here, so Mike and Elle explain what is and isn't in breach of those laws.

Data Protection and Privacy

12 - 04 - 2022

Subject Access Requests – What employers need to know!

Employment Solicitor, Mike Patterson, and Digital Solicitor, Sam Crich, answer some FAQ's relating to data subject access requests (SARs).

Data Protection and Privacy

29 - 03 - 2022

​I made a website, now what?

Digital Solicitor, Sam Crich, explains in detail how you can comply with website laws and GDPR legislation.

Data Protection and Privacy

22 - 03 - 2022

​Internet Safety 101

Digital Solicitor, Sam Crich, breaks down the steps you should be taking in order to ensure your personal data is as safe as possible.


15 - 03 - 2022

​Dark Mapping

We've all fallen victim to Dark Mapping at some point or another, but we probably weren't aware of it. Senior Associate, Sam Crich, explains what Dark Mapping is, how to spot it and where the solution lies in stopping it.

Licensing and IP

04 - 03 - 2022

IP Audits – bolstering your business

Are you safeguarding the value of the IP in your business? There is a valuable and ridiculously cost-effective way of finding out.

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