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IT Disputes

The complexity of IT projects mean that a number of issues can come up. If problems arise, they generally need to be solved by IT specialists who know the issues with the technology, understand how projects evolve and how the structure of IT contracts work.

Because of Berwins Digital's deep expertise in this area, we have the knowledge and resources to help resolve IT-related disputes. We have successfully advised on a range of disputes, including those between a software company and a UK local authority, between the UK offices of a US software company and a Nordic insurance company, and between a major agency client and its customers and involving a Middle Eastern national infrastructure body.

Issues we can help with include:

  • App and website development disputes
  • Service delivery problems
  • Content misuse
  • Contract drafting advice
  • Service agreement advice and SLA remedies
  • Non-payment of fees and disputes
  • Termination complications

Where IT disagreements arise, our disputes resolution lawyers and contract lawyers work hand in hand to ensure that our specialist knowledge achieves resolutions in the most effective way.

For help resolving an IT dispute, contact us on 0113 426 6396.

The Team

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Paul Berwin

Head of Digital Law

Paul Berwin is Head of Digital Law at Berwins Digital and offers targeted advice to a global client base of digital and tech businesses. Industry ranked with decades of experience in legal practice, he is one of the foremost authorities on digital law in the North of England.

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Sam Crich


Solicitor, Sam Crich is a member of the Society for Computers and the Law. Passionate about supporting technology businesses to grow, he focusses on commercial contract work with a particular focus on IT and Software law.

Specialist Sectors

With decades of experience supporting technology businesses, Berwins Digital understands that the industry comprises a range of specialist sectors, each with specific goals, challenges and needs. It is this in depth understanding which helps the expert team to offer real value to clients through proactive, targeted legal support.

Legal Services

Digital businesses are unique - as is the mix of legal services they require to thrive. The expert team at Berwins Digital focuses on that mix to offer targeted, sector specific legal advice.

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