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Berwins Digital specialises in supporting tech business to achieve their potential, using proactive legal support to realise revenue, protect rights and unlock time.

With a team which boasts genuine expert knowledge of businesses in the sector and how they operate, we cater for the full lifecyle of tech companies - start up, scale up and established businesses, from foundation to investment to sale.

Located at Platform in the heart of the Leeds digital community, the team routinely acts for leading digital businesses based not only in Yorkshire but nationally and internationally.

Specialist Sectors

With decades of experience supporting technology businesses, Berwins Digital understands that the industry comprises a range of specialist sectors, each with specific goals, challenges and needs. It is this in depth understanding which helps the expert team to offer real value to clients through proactive, targeted legal support.

Legal Services

Digital businesses are unique - as is the mix of legal services they require to thrive. The expert team at Berwins Digital focuses on that mix to offer targeted, sector specific legal advice.

Latest Blogs

29 - 01 - 2020

Cryptoassets and smart contracts are legally valid

Assets and contracts created with blockchain-type encryption technology have validity under existing English law.

29 - 01 - 2020

Is copyright to creative work a moral right?

The Court of Appeal has recently dismissed an employee’s claim.

25 - 01 - 2020

Electronic signatures - are they legal?

For some reason we all trust ‘wet’ signatures – a squiggle made in ink on a piece of paper. What about electronic signatures though – are they valid?

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